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Our Farm

Visiting our alpacas in the country on weekends wasn't good enough.

Visiting our alpacas in the country on weekend wasn't good enough.  In 2003 we made a life changing decision to sell our home in Portland and move to a 6 acre farm in Boring, Oregon.  It was an interesting change for our family and ended up being the best decision we've ever made. 

Taking care of our animals has been a learning process but it's been worth every effort.  We started with Suri alpacas and added Huacaya's a few years ago.  We added 3 Pygora goats 2 years ago and our flock of chickens continues to grow, due to our super great roosters, Tony, Rick and Black Bart (our Jersey Giant).  Bart has come to a agreement with Rick and Tony, they stay away from him and his girls and he'll leave them alone!  It seems to be working out just fine!

 Our fiber buisness is growing.  We have proces, ed yarn and roving, made from our animals fleece.  We started hand painting and dyeing our yarn and roving in 2015.  We sell our products online and off the farm.  We offer dyeing and hand painting classes!  Iinterested - give me a call!

Updated October 03, 2016